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Online casinos are a popular trend nowadays. Many are curious about the recent hype of gambling online. Some of you may wonder if this game is for you and what good will it do for you. Aside from all the notable advantages and benefits of online gambling, the following list of online casino bonuses and promotions might give you a heads-up on what this game has to offer.


Once you have signed up for a Royal Reels online casino account, this is the most common type of bonus that you will receive. This kind of bonus encourages target clients to download or play using their gaming site. Welcome bonuses may also start your gaming session with a healthy bankroll. If you are lucky enough, this bonus may start growing big. Hence, you need not start to deposit as early as possible.


Yes, you have read it right. Some online platforms enable you to try out their games without spending a dime. All you need is to sign up for an account, and you will be able to explore and play games even with no funds.

This allows the player, especially the newbies, to get a rundown of how each game works. Doing so lets you practice your strategies or tricks to get a higher chance of winning in an actual game.

It is highly suggested to make use of this offer so you will be fully acquainted and able to enjoy the flow of the game.


On an online gambling site, there are sometimes more than a hundred games you can choose from. Realistically, not all of those games are played. There will be games that will be a hit and games that will only be played once or twice.

This is where the game-specific bonuses stemmed from. To promote less-played games, gambling sites give a game-specific bonus to those who are willing to try and play the game. It is anticipated that this strategy will help popularize the game positively.

On the other hand, this bonus is all also given to those already popular games. It is to ensure that, along with the other games, those games which already have patron players will sustain their fame and volume of users.


Most casino players utilize their desktops and laptop for gambling. But since online casinos promote convenience above all its edge among others, gambling sites have extended their reach on mobile phones and tablets.

Through this, players can play anywhere and anytime as long as they have internet access and their phones or tablets on hand. This makes convenience possible, as well as making the game accessible to anyone.

By simply downloading the app, a player can receive a bonus incentive which will be credited to their account. These device-specific bonuses do not usually stay for a long time. It is mostly used by gambling sites when they are campaigning for new games launched. Therefore, one must take advantage of these kinds of offers because you will never know where this bonus will take you.


Loyalty is always rewarded. It is also true with online casinos like Royal Reels. Continuous patronage of the game is made sure to be rewarded to ensure players keep up their game.

This bonus gives satisfaction to frequenters knowing that their loyalty is not ignored but, instead, greatly appreciated. A player can receive monthly bonuses with a whole lot of other freebies that casino operators love to shower their loyalists. Along with monthly bonuses, there are also seasonal bonuses that online casinos give away. Some are for special occasions or game anniversaries. Celebrating with their players is one strategy of these operators to make sure that they include their players every step of the way.

Hence, players who stay and frequent a gambling site will surely reap the fruit of their loyalty.


If you are a big spender, you will most likely receive a high roller bonus. Usually, those who deposit an amount of $1000 and above are considered to be a high rollers. These players are instantly assigned to the VIP level, where they will be pampered with bonuses and benefits.

A high roller bonus is usually in the form of a cash gift or a match bonus on their deposit amount. Some casinos also invite their VIPs to their premises to play live games and experience the luxury of playing inside the casino.


A deposit match is a kind of online casino bonus that matches the amount deposited by the player. In some cases, it ranges from 25 percent to 100 percent of your deposit amount. Let us say, you deposited $100, the credited amount that will appear in your account will be $200, given that you have been offered the 100 percent deposit match.

It is preferred to take advantage of this kind of promotion as you can receive more than what you have deposited, sometimes double.


When you sign up for an account, you are required to choose a banking or payment method. Though most online casinos now have several options for depositing, it is still important to consider methods where you can benefit the most.

Most online casinos collaborate with banks that offer online banking options to their customers. This is where payment method bonuses come into the picture. To promote the usage of their partner banks, they offer cashback promos to customers who will choose the participating bank as their banking or payment method.


Yes, there are daily bonuses. Some casino sites give bonuses by simply logging in daily on their site. Usually, this is in the form of a random wheel wherein you are given a free spin, then get the bonus to which the arrow stops and points. There are also gambling sites that just pop up a daily bonus screen upon logging in which shows how much or what you get for being online.

This bonus may be credited to your account even when you do not have a plan to play on that day. What it needs you to do is simply log in and collect the bonus; it is up to you whether you want to use it.


This is not a common bonus promotion feature in online casinos. But, there are online gambling sites that offer this. A player who has reached a deposit amount requirement or has played a required number of hours are eligible for prize draws. They are given the chance to win smartphones, laptops, appliances, or any other gifts.

Strategically, this will help online casinos have players coming back and give consolation to keep playing.


The bonuses mentioned above come with terms and conditions. A player must always be vigilant when availing of these bonuses so you will not wonder why you have not been credited the amount as advertised. There are wagering requirements for some of these bonuses, and you should be fully aware of that.

The wagering requirement means that you will have to play the bonus amount several times before an online gambling site lets you withdraw your winnings. Most online casino sites have wagering requirements between 25x and 40x. For example, the 25x wagering requirement means you have to bet your bonus amount twenty-five times before you can withdraw and cash out your winnings. Hence, the lower the wagering requirements the better.

Upon winning using your bonus amount, you might get easily excited to withdraw your winnings and save it up in your bank account. But, this is not the case for some of these bonuses. That is why you must always be mindful when reading the subtexts along the promotions. You may also do your research about which online gambling sites have the best deal of bonuses and you can go from there. Just make sure that you are dealing with legitimate online gambling sites like Royal Reels so your hard-earned money will not go to waste. You do not want the supposedly happy online gambling experience to turn into a traumatic experience and a nightmare.

Now that you are acquainted with the promotions, bonuses, and requirements you will be dealing with while enjoying and exploring online casinos, you are ready to take on the chance of winning big and having a blast.

There are a lot of surprises in online casinos. This list of bonuses and promotions is just the first. Luck and strategy is your friend when gambling online. Plan and limit your spending so you will not go broke. And, of course, do not forget to utilize the bonuses so you can always get back your money’s worth.

Online casinos are fun. And you deserve fun.