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You’ve heard of online casino games, and now you’re curious — is it free? Or do you need to make an initial deposit?

If you are a first-time player, you may have second thoughts about trying out online gambling. But you need to worry no more. Online gambling sites have considered a way to ensure no player will get left behind.

Most online casino sites offer two ways to play. One way is real money play, and the other is free online play. Of course, the former is where you win real money, as you need to deposit money into your account to be able to play the game. And obviously, you also have the chance to win real money. But how about the free online play? What is it like?

How do you get to play games for free? Is there any requirement? Do I also get to win real money? It is time for you to find out.


It is good news! There is now a way to feed your curiosity because you can try online casino games for free. And speaking of games, free slots are the most popular of them all.

Slots are a game of chance. You can find them in online and mobile casinos. It is popular because you do not need to have a set of special skills to win and ace the game. You can play the game in a heartbeat. Just an ounce of luck will be just fine. Or it may even take you a long way.


As you have read, slots are a game of chance. It was originally from the idea of slot machines popular in physical or land-based casinos. It was invented in the late 19th century, and it has greatly advanced over time. Hence, we get to experience playing slots even without the machine and online.

To play slots, you simply spin the wheel and hope that the symbols match along the various pay lines. You may have thought that this game is so easy. Well, it sure is. And as mentioned previously, it takes only a slice of luck. But, one could only get the hang of it by experiencing it firsthand, no matter how easy this game would be.


Aside from Slots, many free plays are still offered on different online gambling sites. But why do you need to try this one out? That is your answer. You need to try the game first before jumping into it.

Free play plays a vital role to you as a new player or even to the existing ones. Through this, you are given a chance to experience the game and even get to know the game’s features. And because there is no money involved, you can play as many times and as many tries as you can. Needless to say, in exchange, these online gambling sites will send you or prompts to your screen their advertisements, or they may ask you if you want to switch to playing in real mode. Luckily, you can always decline the question and continue playing for free.

No money involvement in free play is your greatest advantage. Without the need for real money, there is no need to worry about losing at all, too. You can place bets in different amounts. You can go as high as you can or as low as what the game permits. This way, you can learn the odds of the game and which betting amount is to your advantage.

Another thing about free play is that you can try it out solely for entertainment. If you are after taking a chance in online casinos for the sake of just trying it or those big jackpot winnings do not tempt you, you can still find this game entertaining and help you pass the time and have fun.

Even if you don’t intend to play the games for real, you will still be in awe of how many winnings you can get if you have bet real money.


Even great things have their downsides. No matter how gainful it is, free play has its fair share of drawbacks. And for online casino games, it is the inability to cash out your winnings.

During the game, you will be shown a simulation of your bets and how much is the cost of your winning for each bet. Let us say you have won a thousand dollars of credits. You can not jump for joy at that amount because, sadly, you cannot withdraw this winning. The only thing you can do with that amount is to continue playing with how many credits you still have left. But you still don’t have to worry about losing all credits because all you have to do is re-launch the game, and you’ll be given another set of credits to start playing from.

Additionally, free play can be overwhelming to some people. With the number of free-play online casino games, some find it hard to try them all. Moreover, once you have tried out a bunch of games, other people tend to forget how the others work again, causing them to get displeased trying any more.

Furthermore, many people easily lose interest in playing free play. It could either be because of the realization that none of their winnings will, in reality, be credited to them, or it is they saying playing online casinos is not for them.

Lastly, the graphics are out of this world. It is remarkable to most players, but some are still easily distracted by animations, 3D graphics, and sound effects. You can personalize it the way you want to. You can adjust these things on the settings. But, some people of old age try to play a game, and we can not blame them for getting disturbed by the flashing lights or the way the slots are animated to spin. Experiencing it in free play may discourage a person from playing the real thing. Thus, defeating the purpose of free play.


Free play is like a bonus game offered to prospective players, even existing players, to give you a grand tour of what you are about to experience should you decide to play for real.

If you are determined to play online casino games, free play is your best option. You get to experience the game, learn the basics, know casino vocabulary, and just get yourself into the game. You won’t lose a thing by trying free play. There is no need to sign up, disclose personal information, or download software. It simply means that you have quick access to your favorite casino game.

And if you do this because you are into casino games, you can strategically plan for the game of your choice. You can project how much money you will bet on the first part of the game and slowly change it as the game phase goes by or any other tricks you could have thought of while playing it for free. This is a great way to save yourself before risking any of your real cash.

Free play also serves as your decision-maker. It can help you decipher whether or not these online casino games are for you. Free plays are made for this reason. The freedom to choose what is best for you is still laid out in the hands of those who want to try it. After all, the player’s money will be put at risk once they have placed their bets for real.

That is why giving free play a chance is highly suggested. Just like how we diligently smell every perfume tester at the mall or how we laboriously fit every clothes we want to buy, we should give free play, like Royal Reels, the same understanding. We should take note of every little detail, especially things with great financial consequences.

Online casino games are fun. You could experience the same fun on free play, like Royal Reels. So, if you are only after entertainment and not after the risk, online casino free-play games, like Royal Reels, are your best friend. You can still chat and be updated with your friends about the hype of online casinos, just without the real cash out. But it is still a better choice than not having to experience it all.

As mentioned earlier, no one forces anyone to dive into the game. So, if you feel that free plays bore you, your mind is telling you that online casino games, like Royal Reels, are not for you. However, it could also mean you have not yet found the right game for you.

Several online casino free-play games, like Royal Reels, are out there. They are free to explore. You should at least try one out!